Power Pilates Mat 1 certification 

This previous weekend I went through Power Pilates Mat 1 certification. It was Friday, Saturday and Sunday pretty much all day each day. We had an instructor come to town which was nice because all the other trainings I have done I had to travel. Last year I took an orthopedic specialty with ACE and wanted to follow up with Pilates this year. I try to continue each year to learn more and take trainings that will help me in the direction I am going. Pilates was a great addition for me and I think many trainers would benefit from this training. 

If you don’t know a lot about Pilates I will give you the speedy version. Pilates is a workout regime focused on breathing and activation of the abdominals during your workout. Engaging and using the abdominal muscles working on lengthening the body and helping realign. Many people like Pilates because they feel it helps create long lean muscles.  I love it because I believe it can help us  bring the pelvis back to a neutral position helping our body feel better. It doesn’t feel like a Bootcamp workout when you’re done, but you feel taller and stronger. 

We had Beth come from Elmhurst and she was very professional and very informative. We did drills of the exercises and learning more about anatomy. No matter how many times I teach I always get nervous about coming in front during a training and teaching! I wanted to share some tips if you are thinking about getting certified to become a Pilates instructor that I hope will help you along your journey. 

  • Practice it yourself. I attended classes and did practice at home. Unfortunately in our area we don’t have a lot of classes to choose from but if you have the opportunity take as many as you can.
  • Know or learn your anatomy. I have a personal training background so thankfully that was the easier part for me. It is so important especially when they are describing an exercise and talking about the groups of muscles or flexion and extension. The more you know the better it makes sense on why certain movements are important. 
  • Bring snacks. So I was pretty prepared the first 2 days then forgot my lunch the 3rd. Again luckily was in my hometown but go to an out of town training and this could make for a long day. 
  • Don’t take criticism personal. Many times we would have to come up and teach the class. She would give us constructive criticism. I love this personally it helps me grow and see what I need to work on. Some people feel attacked or they are getting picked on. There job is to help you become the best instructor you can be. 
  • Don’t take this training just for another money avenue. I say this because I know sometimes as trainers there are many certifications we can get or specialties to help us grow our income. Pilates is something you should love and love to do yourself. You can take on private clients or teach a class. There are opportunities for extra income but be passionate about it. 
  • Prepare for an investment. Pilates cost more than my training certification. I am ok with that but be aware if you want to grow in your pilates career it can cost you. Also you need to accumulate hours by training either in mat classes or on the reformer. Unless you are great friends with someone who will make a deal to train you, expect to be paying for additional training while studying. 

I hope this helps you on your Pilates journey. I chose classical method of training because I believe it works. There are many different types of certifications for Pilates available most around the same price so find one you feel fits you. I absolutely loved my training and our trainer. We had a smaller group of people there which was great to helo learn. The way they put together the training it just all seemed to click. She said we should all be able to teach a class the next day. I thought yeah right!! My zumba class only had 2 students the next day so guess what we did instead? I was amazed at how well it went. Oh one more thing she did recommend teaching right away even if just to friends and relatives. Don’t lose all that you have learned keep it fresh in your mind. 
Let me know if you have taken a training and how you liked it. 

Have a great night


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