Cauliflower “hot wing” 

My husband is watching football and I am sitting here starving.  If you have followed me you know I recently went vegan.  I don’t watch football but I am not against the snacks that come with it.  Before my vegan venture I didn’t eat a lot of meat anyway but today I missed hotwings. With not feeling well and not a lot of food in the house I needed to come up with something that also helped with my meat craving which is the first one I have had. I saw someone else post about cauliflower wings so took a stab at it.  I had changed some things and added Wildtree products and they turned out amazing.  I will tell you they really made my craving go away.  My husband said they are good but don’t taste like wings but I beg to differ.  

Cauliflower wings 

Prep time 10 minutes cook time 45 minutes 

Ingredients needed 

1 1/2 cups Flour-I used whole wheat flour 

One head of cauliflower 

1 cup Hot sauce 

1 tblsp of earth balance butter 

1/2 cup Almond milk 

1/2 water 

1 tsp Wildtree BBQ sea salt 

1 tsp Wildtree onion blend 

1 tsp Wildtree smokey Grapeseed oil 

Preheat over to 450 


Flour,  water and almond milk in a mixing bowl.  Mix until no lumps are visible

Rinse and cut your cauliflower into but size peices

Add your cauliflower to your batter mix and wish until fully coated.  Add oil to pan and coat then add cauliflower. Make sure to shake off excess batter.  
Bake for 25 minutes 

While your wings are cooking get your sauce ready.  

Add hot sauce and butter to pan on low and stir.  I used a garlic hot sauce but you can use bbq or whatever other sauce you like.  

When the cauliflower is done pull out and coat with sauce.  Once coated well add Wildtree onion blend and bbq sea salt.  Bake another 20 minutes.  

Add ranch or other condiment when finished.  I thought they turned out very filling and did taste very similar to wings.  Hope you guys enjoy.  I did make these a vegan version and now plan to make these for super bowl parties I attend.  Remember order Wildtree products here they add so much flavor to your meals.  


I did it I became one of them 

A couple months ago I fell back into eating a bit off track. Stopping for food a little to much and forgetting my veggies at my meals. As a trainer fitness instructor I noticed and knew I needed to do something to get back on track. I believe that healthy eating really is a reward for our bodies and we shouldn’t see it as a punishment. When I get off track it is usually because I need to prep better and figure out what is happening in my life to make me make bad choices. Have you ever felt that there was a way for you to keep focused that just seemed to fit for you and your lifestyle? I have been on and off vegetarian since I was 10 and always had an excuse to go back to eating meat. I have never been a big meat eater even would take half off while eating a meal. I did realize however while the more meat I consumed the more bad choices I made. Sometimes if I stopped for take out it seemed completely acceptable to get a sandwich and make that my meal. I knew that this just wasn’t working for me to stay healthy. 

I needed to reset. Make a plan and why it was important for me and why it was healthy for me and fit for me. I almost felt this was my reason to go back to a vegetarian diet. I never felt limited but more adventurous trying to find new ways to eat my vegetables and fruit. I seem to make better choices when meat isn’t the centerfold. As I am not 10 anymore I have learned a lot of things since my first go around of vegetarianism. Before it was all about the animals I even participated in some protest in my teens. This time it was for my health. Not that I didn’t still love animals I do but it was for the reason that I know that a diet surrounding vegetables, beans,fruits and grains just works well for me. This time though I really knew that the vegetarian I was sometimes wasn’t  the healthiest either. I decided to take the leap I never did before, I decided to go vegan. So one day eating chicken to the next going vegan. Again I don’t even eat a lot of cheese cut it out before due to fat and calories so this wasn’t as hard as I thought. I joined some groups online for support and wow I forget how passionate people get about this choice. I blindly jumped in again for my health. I have had some slip ups but for the most part it has been good. To add to my diet Change I have watched some documentaries on how animals are treated for the means of fashion and our food and it made me feel like a passionate teen again trying to share the cause. My goal was to start eating better but I feel a sense of relief also by changing my habits and remembering why I became a vegetarian in the first place. I feel it called me back and this is the step I needed to take. My goal is to share good food and friendly conversation with friends. I hope by sharing in love I can help others also. I will keep you updated on my journey in veganism. It has been about a month strong without any slip ups.  I am excited about sharing recipes and updates. Have a great night.

Garbanzo and veggie dish 

​Way to excited about my lunch! 

Veggie stir fry with garbanzo beans 

1 can of garbanzo beans 

1 cup of mushrooms 

1 package of asparagus 

10 cherry tomatoes 

1 tablespoon of Wildtree Italian salad mix dressing 

1 tablespoon of smokey bacon Grapeseed oil 

Start with oil and asparagus and mushroom and garbanzo beans cook on low. Put lid on cook about 7 minutes then add tomatoes.  Boom protien-vegan-yummy:)

I really love Wildtree products they add so much flavor. You can browse the different options and ads some extra flavor to your meals.  Let me know your favorite. 

Wildtree workshop review

Wildtree workshops
September 27, 2016
I am a mother of 3 boys and a fitness instructor. I love what I do but sometimes forget the nutrtion part is so important with crazy boys. I stumbled upon Wildtree when looking for natural products online and meal prepping. I have to say I am pretty boring when it comes to meal plans. I make the same things and they get boring. In an effort to help spice it up and bought the rep kit then a bundle to get the discount also:) This is my honest review of the Wildtree workshops and if you have any questions please let me know so I can help you.
My bundle came pretty fast and I didn’t expect the bottles to be so big.


I was very excited to open my packet to see what was inside. The kit comes with recipe cards, a workstation sheet since most people do a workshop I did my prep at home. Also an inventory card which was nice to have on the fridge with an overview of everything. I guess I did think that veggies or full course recipes were included but most you make your own side. They do give additional recipes which is nice though and seasonings work well on veggies.


You do not get a grocery list in your packet your rep you ordered from will send it. I went to aldis love that store! Spent about $80 on everything I did not buy all organic but did get quite a bit so could have been more or less. I shopped all at the same store to make easier. If you want to save more keep up on sales.
So now have my groceries, kit on kitchen table and my bags ready to prep. Remember some meat and veggies you will need to chop so have knives on hand. If going to a workshop this is done before your workshop. I did realize I need a chopper my eyes were on fire after all the onion cutting.
Your workshop station sheet has a photo of the meal what you need and instructions. It really was pretty easy. For instance one would say cut up your meat, onion add pepper then whatever wildtree products you need.
It took me about an hour to finish everything. The mixing up was a bit of a challenge with some things like the meatloaf but wanted it mixed well.


I kept some food in the fridge and put some in the freezer. There are labels to put on your bag to make easy to know what it is then general directions on it. So far my kids have had the meatloaf and we had a side of cauliflower rice. The meatloaf was great loved the flavor. I love the idea of my meat being ready and having flavor instead of plain meat/rice and veggie like most generic meal plans.


The great thing was all the leftover product. I honestly think I could make 5 more meals. In total I made 10 with the kit. I love that the products are low sodium and sugar my husband has diabetes and high blood pressure so these are important things to watch for us. So in all I feel like we will save money by having meals ready to go. We will waste less produce, I have been using my sheet on fridge to figure out what I need for the well and not just buying random things.


If your thinking about ordering a workshop bundle I really do suggest it for people who are busy and want a fast healthy meal option or someone who just likes to plan.
You can see the whole wildtree catalog on my website and they have alot of recipes to help make meal planning easier.


October specials 

I just recently became a Wildtree Represenative. I have come to realize life isn’t going to get any slower with 3 boys. I needed meals that are healthy and easy for my family. I found Wildtree while looking for meal prepping ideas. They offer organic, free from additives and gmo’s and best of all it taste good. I will be posting  recipes as I make them and specials to share our journey. So far I have lost 10lbs just by planning better with their meal bundles. 

Want to know about Wildtree? Just ask or check out my website