Why I let my boys play at the gym 

I work at a private gym facility. My boys have become use to coming to my work and playing while I workout or clean or do random things. My 6 year old loves the bosu ball and my baby likes to sit on the leg of the elliptical. I stay close but don’t tell them no. If my kids puts his hands near the treadmill belt or is in a dangerous situation that’s a different story. 

He loves to sit on the rowing machine. 

I hope even if they aren’t doing things right by bringing them with me I am encouraging them to love fitness. Even if they are climbing on a machine that is meant for a different thing there will be a day I show them and they are excited to try it. I notice sometimes they will mimic the moves I do for class or a workout and I know I am doing the right thing. My 6 year old tells me often he likes to exercise and that makes me happy. I want to raise them to have a healthy relationship with movement. 

I would not let me kids climb around at a big gym with other people using equipment and understand not everyone has access to a private facility, but think outside the box on how you can let your children see the healthy habits you have. Maybe make a fun obstacle course you can do together at your home. Use water bottles as weights and let them try. Have races and and skipping, jumping and other fun things kids enjoy doing. 

Your children are watching help encourage them to participate. 

My son doing yoga at the park. We use kids cosmic yoga off YouTube at home and he loves it. Check out her free channel to enjoy with your kids. 

Now when I leave to teach or for a client my kids are upset when they can’t come play. I feel sad but also happy that they want to be active. I hope these habits will stay with them all through their lives. 


Your actions build them

When you don’t realize your actions build them
September 10, 2016
Krystal Shuga
I am a mom of 3 boys. A 7 month old, 5 year old and a 12 year old. My world is crazy busy and I always have a new project of activity added because I can’t say no and love to try to save the world. My boys know that my work consist of traveling to different facilities to teach classes and train clients. My awesome husband brings them often to my work to visit me and sometimes if the gym is pretty empty they play on equipment. Even though I work in the fitness industry it is not always easy to get a good strength training workout in at work. I decided to get out one of my bands today and do one at home. Now to set the record straight I have worked out at home before I know you all see those fabulous mom’s of instagram with little babies making it look so easy but that really isn’t our world. Once I usually start to workout my 5 year old wants to ask for everything, the baby is eating paper and my pre-teen tries to get away with running off to his friends. Today the stars aligned for me and I got in a 30 minute back and core workout. I got out a band and started and my 5 year old brought my mat out for me, he can be a real sweetheart. Then I set my timer to do an interval style workout and he grabs my foam roller and then another band and joins me. Of course he does his own thing and it isn’t much of a workout I have ever seen before but it makes my heart beam because he just saw what I was doing and started to do something also. I feel this usually does not seem monumental at the time to us, but think about some of you habits now and how your parents influenced them. We really can make or break our kids sometimes . We really can teach our children exercise is something we do to feel good and be proud of our strengths or teach them it is a punishment because of the way we look. We can help our children build strong bones and prevent injury later in life. We can teach our children that exercise can bond a family and they can enjoy time together while staying healthy. Create those habits with your children that will help build a strong future. image